Ben & Jerry’s One Sweet Social at Wünderlust – 20th October 2016

I have a good opinion of Ben & Jerry’s. They simultaneously make great ice cream and are unafraid of taking political stances on issues such as climate change, LGBT rights, and, most recently, the Black Lives Matter campaign. Continuing in this spirit they held what I can only describe as a community fundraiser ice-cream party at Wünderlust in Deptford, and it was a magical dairy-filled evening of community love.

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Keaton Henson at the London Palladium – 18th November 2016

The London Palladium sits on Argyll Street, hugged on both sides by intimidatingly busy streets (Regent and Oxford). Amongst the chaos of tourists and Christmas shoppers it is difficult to imagine that this is where, in just a few hours, Keaton Henson will make his much-anticipated return to London with his new album Kindly Now.

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Going Gluten-Free: What You Need to Know

This summer, finally accepting that my stomach had betrayed me and did not appreciate gluten anymore, I had to make the switch to a gluten-free diet. After experiencing the ups and downs of gluten-free alternatives for three months, here is a list of things you need to know about a gluten-free life before trying it.

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