Laura Marling Student Press Conference – 13th February 2017

Whenever I see Laura Marling live I’m always reminded of a performance she did on Jools Holland way back in 2007. It sticks with me – the way her eyes never stray from the floor, except to glance at her guitar to occasionally correct herself. I was once again reminded of this as I watched her perform songs from her sixth album, Semper Femina, at a livestreamed Q&A session at Goldsmiths University. She rarely made eye contact with any one of the 50 or so people in the room, but despite this, her gaze is stoic, confident. Perhaps it’s unfair to make such a comparison; naturally one would change over 10 or so years. But it seems with this album that Marling is ready to ponder questions about her own work that she previously never has, and the resulting songs are both self-assured and probing.  Continue reading “Laura Marling Student Press Conference – 13th February 2017”

Ben & Jerry’s One Sweet Social at Wünderlust – 20th October 2016

I have a good opinion of Ben & Jerry’s. They simultaneously make great ice cream and are unafraid of taking political stances on issues such as climate change, LGBT rights, and, most recently, the Black Lives Matter campaign. Continuing in this spirit they held what I can only describe as a community fundraiser ice-cream party at Wünderlust in Deptford, and it was a magical dairy-filled evening of community love.

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Keaton Henson at the London Palladium – 18th November 2016

The London Palladium sits on Argyll Street, hugged on both sides by intimidatingly busy streets (Regent and Oxford). Amongst the chaos of tourists and Christmas shoppers it is difficult to imagine that this is where, in just a few hours, Keaton Henson will make his much-anticipated return to London with his new album Kindly Now.

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