Django Django at Chats Palace – 13th May 2015

As the opening synths of ‘Introduction’ sounded through the haze of a back room in an arts centre in residential Homerton, it was made very clear that Django Django were back, and back with a bigger sound than before.

Since the release of the self-titled first album at the beginning of 2012, they’ve headlined a sling of shows for NME and also compiled a mixtape for Late Night Tales. However, fans have been eagerly anticipating a new album from the London based group, and this was one of a string of intimate shoes to showcase new material from upcoming album ‘Born Under Saturn’.

The setting for this excIMG_1871iting venture was Chats Palace, a fitting setting for such an eclectic band as Django Django. Entering under a striking neoclassical style entrance (the centre was previously Homerton library), you’re immediately greeted with an inviting looking bar – a sweet place for a chilled drink and chat before the band played at 9pm. Chats Palace itself lies only a few minutes walk from Homerton station which is easily accessible on the Overground line, making it one of the more convenient venues to reach in East London.

They began their set with tracks from their first album before introducing new tunes. Fan favourites such as ‘Waveforms’ and ‘Storm’ have been given a live makeover since previous tours; however they somehow sound bigger, more dance-y, more psychedelic now. With the crowd clearly warming to the night the band launched into recent single ‘First Light’, following it with new song ‘Reflections’. The jumpy synth and catchy chorus received an equal, if not greater, reaction than was given to some of the more well-known tunes – a very good signifier for the rest of ‘Born Under Saturn’.

With the paradisal sounds of ‘Skies over Cairo’, echoing in everyone’s ears, emerging into the cold Hackney night air afterwards was an ethereal experience; Django Django had ensured that anticipation for ‘Born Under Saturn’ rose as high and loud as the still-echoing synths.


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